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Hi guys! have you ever heard of  Glass nail files before?? If you follow me on my Instagram you may know them, if not I would like to introduce you this awesome brand called Bona Fide Beauty, they make quality Czech Glass Nail Files and they have so many gorgeous designs (trust me! Here are some of them), I’ve been trying them since October 2016 and I’m so glad I found out about this brand because these are the best nail files (no joke, you must try them out!), so please keep reading to find out more about this!

I wanted to know more about this brand, so I arranged an interview with the lovely Jess, she is the one behind this awesome brand! so here it is:


Skullxbeauty: Why did you start the business of Glass Nail Files?

Jess: To answer this question, I would like to share a personal story. For years I had suffered from poor nail health. Years of nail biting had left my nails fragile, sensitive and to be frank, not pretty. Typical nail files did not help; metal files were too rough on my damaged nails and left my nails jagged, torn and unsightly. I began the search for a nail care tool that suited my nails.

So I came across a few online articles and research on the subject of Czech Glass Nail Files and how good they are for natural nails. I thought that this looked like a wonderful product and I ran my findings past my colleague, he quickly agreed.

After months of researching and conducting numerous quality checks, my colleague and I finally sourced the best quality Czech Glass Nail Files. Working closely with our business partner in The Czech Republic we launched a small range of Czech Glass Files to start (5 Sets in total). Now, in 2017, we have over 40 unique sets available on Amazon.


Skullxbeauty: When did you launch Bona Fide Beauty?

Jess: We launched Bona Fide Beauty a little over 2 years ago. It has been an exciting journey so far.


Skullxbeauty: Why the name Bona Fide Beauty?

Jess: Deciding upon a business name and brand is a challenging process. The creative process began by throwing ideas around and coming up with a few words that encapsulated our values, such as genuine, quality, gentle, beautiful. We wrote down anything that came to mind, no matter how silly or unusual.

We were seeking a name that was fun, memorable, unique and gender neutral (one that appealed to both women and men). So we decided upon Bona Fide Beauty or BFB. It is catchy, bold, and modern, plus it rolls off the tongue nicely. Most importantly, it captures the authenticity of our products – Czech Glass is a superior glass than regular glass. When you purchase from Bona Fide Beauty you are getting a quality, genuine product.


Skullxbeauty: What are the biggest challenges running the business?

Jess: I would say the biggest challenge in our business is the fact that everyone’s nails are slightly different. While BFB nail files are designed to be gentle on natural nails and are suited to most nail types, some people have super sensitive, thin nails or, on the other end of the spectrum, very thick nails. We do our best to cater to most nail types, however, it can be tricky when everyone’s nails are unique.

We believe that the standard grit (abrasive surface) that we offer, which is classified as a fine to medium grit, is the optimal grit for gentle, regular, long-term nail care and we also offer files that feature a ‘super-fine’ grit for those with thin or sensitive nails.

Another challenge is shipping glass. There is always a risk of breakages when shipping a glass item, not matter the product. We do our best to package them well to protect them and prevent any breakages. Remember, BFB files have come all the way from The Czech Republic to Amazon USA. They have travelled across vast distances: over sea and land by plane, truck and on foot.


Skullxbeauty: Do you plan to extend your business worldwide?

Jess: We currently sell on Amazon USA and Amazon UK. We recently expanded to Amazon Italy, Germany, Spain and France.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we would love to expand to other countries if possible.


Skullxbeauty: What keeps you motivated?

Jess: We are very passionate and motivated by the work we do. First and foremost, we love our customers. We get a lot of positive feedback from customers who try our Czech Glass Nail Files and absolutely love them, for some, it is the first time they have used glass files. Hearing from customers who love our files keeps us motivated.

We take pride in our products. And are motivated by the knowledge that we are providing high quality nail files that are beneficial for your nails. We wholeheartedly believe that Czech Glass Files are the gentlest nail care tool for regular, long-term nail care.

They are economical; due to their hygienic surface you can use them multiple times, unlike typical files that should be discarded after a few uses for hygiene reasons. As a glass item, they are also environmentally friendly and can be recycled.


Have you try them out? Let me know in the comments down below!

Check out Bona Fide Beauty’s Czech Glass Nail File Range on Amazon:


Amazon US

Amazon UK


Check out their website and Social Media:

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