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Hi girls!, I’m here to show you this new natural hair line of cosmetics from Boé Cosméticos called Ritual Afro Hair Care, I won this line on a contest they had for the launch of the products, and I can finally get to try it out, it has 5 steps, and it comes in a beautiful and colorful presentation Mandala style, I love it!

The line promises to be sulfate-free, no coloring or parabenes, it has 9 oils:Avocado, Argán, Coconut, Sunflower, Linseed, Macadamia, Monoï, Olive and Quinoa. Well, if you don’t know what are the benefits of all these oils for your hair, let me know in a comment and I’ll make a post about it, soon 🙂 and I’ve wrote a lot so let’s get to these products steps:

First Step: Hidra-shampoo Curl You Clean Me?


It smells really good, I don’t know how to define it, its consistency is more liquid than all the shampoos I’ve tried, and it doesn’t make a lot of foam, it left me the hair smooth, and I haven’t really tried a shampoo that like that, I give it 9/10, because I would like it to have more foam, haha.

Second Step: Curl You Hidrate Me? Conditioner


They all smell the same, the conditioner is not heavy, you have to leave for 10-15 minutes on your hair, and I was shocked with how easy my hair got untangled, I have a rebel hair and when I untangled a side the other on gets tangled, but with this conditioner it was so easy to untangled, with little effort, 10/10!

Third Step: Leave-in Curl You Guard Me?


Its not heavy either, and it say is anti-breakage, I don’t have much to say about it because I barely use leave-in, I didn’t noticed a difference with my curls with this, 8/10.

Fourth Step: Curl Former – Curl You Define Me?


It has a consistency more like a Slime, it didn’t left my hair hard nor oily, it left my curls really pretty, 9/10!

Fifth Step: Curl Revivalist – Curl You Revive Me?


This revivalist is good, what I didn’t like was the bottle, its hard to get it to your hair, I’d rather get it on my hands and pass it through my hair, 7/10 because of the bottle.

And that’s it for now!, I hope my review was good for you, if you have any question don’t forget to leave them on the comments section, and don’t forget to share so other curly girls can see! <3.

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I’ll see you next time! XoXo!

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